Frequently Asked Questions

Currently, all works for sale on this site are available as digital downloads, typically PDFs for scores and parts and .WAV or .AIFF for audio files.  When your order is complete, you will be taken to a page with all of the downloads for your purchase, including scores, parts, and/or audio files as applicable.  You will also receive a confirmation email within 24 hours, which will contain your download links.  Please contact me if you did not receive your confirmation email.

Refunds are only allowed if none of the purchased files have been downloaded.  Since there is no way to prevent someone from printing, sharing, or otherwise using the files once they have been downloaded, I cannot offer refunds once any of the files have been downloaded.  If you have not downloaded any of your purchased files, you can contact me to request a refund.

If you have a user account, you can log in to view all of your past purchases and files for which you have not exceeded your download limit (this is set to 3 downloads).  If you do not have a user account, you will need your original confirmation email to access your download links later on.  Please contact me if you need to re-download your files but no longer have the email.

Each purchase allows a user to download the included files up to 3 times.

By purchasing a piece of music through this site, you are licensed to print the music as needed for yourself or for your ensemble in the case of chamber music or large ensemble works.  You are not permitted to print extra copies for other musicians, for public display, or for any other purposes.

When you purchase music through this site, you are purchasing it for your/your ensemble’s use.  You may distribute digital copies to your ensemble members and/or print the materials as needed for yourself/your ensemble.

Printing or photocopying additional copies beyond those necessary for you/the members of your ensemble is not permitted and is a violation of copyright laws.  Distributing digital copies to people other than yourself/your ensemble and posting such materials online are also violations of copyright.

Contact me!  I am in the process of adding all of my pieces to the site, so please let me know if you are looking for something particular.  I am happy to add that work ASAP for you.  In most cases, I can make a composition available within 48 hours.

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All scores/parts sold on this site are high-resolution files with the fonts embedded.  This generally ensures good print quality, but occasionally something might not print properly.  If you see strange characters, missing musical symbols, or poor resolution, try printing from an established stand-alone PDF viewer such as Adobe Acrobat or Preview.  If that does not work, please contact me for further assistance.

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