Presentations at NECMT, N_SEME, and More

On April 13, I will be giving a paper entitled “Disruption and Development: Pitch Processes in the Music of Ellen Taaffe Zwilich” at the annual meeting of the New England Conference of Music Theorists.  This research is a small portion of my in-progress dissertation, which will provide an overview of Zwilich’s music from a transformational perspective.  In recent weeks, I have presented similar material at the Women Composers Festival of Hartford Forum, the National Student Electronic Music Event/Temple University New Music Symposium, and the CUNY Graduate Center Composers Forum.

NECMT will be taking place at Tufts University April 12-13, and my presentation will be included on the 9:00 am session Saturday.   A complete program and registration information can be found at NECMT’s website,

Boston Metro Opera Advocacy Award

Cygan-Beck3I am pleased to announce that “To Think on You” (2012) for tenor and piano recently received the Boston Metro Opera Contempo Festival’s Advocacy Award.  The announcement of this and many other awards can be found here.  Created for the 2013 season, the Advocacy Award recognizes works that foster awareness through both music and text.  The selected works will received featured performances as part of the Boston Metro Opera Project’s regular season and will become part of the standard repertoire for the Educational and Outreach divisions.

The photo above shows Chad Cygan, tenor and Steve Beck, piano performing the work as part of the Composers Now Festival in New York city.  Check back soon for a recording!