Three Pieces for the Anatolian Trio (2010)


Instrumentation: Clarinet, Violin, and Piano
Duration: 9:00
Availability: Downloadable PDFs (Score & Individual Parts)

Written for the Anatolian Trio




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Three Pieces for the Anatolian Trio was written for three Hartt School students/alums in 2010. Each piece is short, with a distinct identity: a fugue whose subject is an almost-twelve tone row, an elegy (based on a miniature composed almost two years prior to the other movements), and a perpetual motion finale using the chromatic row hinted at in the fugue. Though intended as a set, the movements can be performed individually.

The work was premiered by the Anatolian Trio in May 2010 in West Hartford, CT and subsequently performed on the group’s 2010 tour of Turkey.

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