Seasonal Affective Disorder (2011)

Instrumentation: Orchestra (||timp|strings) Duration: 6:00 Availability: Score/parts available for rental.  Contact the composer for more information. Written for the 2011 Seasons Fall Festival Winner of the NewMusic@ECU Orchestral Composition Competition (2012)




Seasonal Affective Disorder was written in 2011 for the Seasons Fall Music Festival.  The condition for which the piece is named generally involves the connection of some negative mood with a particular season – an ironic reference, since I have particularly fond memories of the time I spent at the Seasons Festival in 2010 and am quite partial to fall in general (being both the season in which I was born and that which contained my favorite holiday, Halloween).   Still, the nervous excitement and chaotic outbursts of the music do reflect some of the emotions I associate with autumn, albeit taken to a (possibly unhealthy) extreme.

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