Vortices (2010)

Instrumentation: Orchestra (||timp.|strings)
Duration: 5:00
Availability: Score/parts available for rental.  Contact the composer for more information.

Written for the 2011 Seasons Fall Festival

Awarded the Libby Larsen Prize from the International Alliance for Women in Music




When I was very young, I became interested in astronomy – particularly in the planets of the solar system.  Vortices for orchestra was inspired by images I remember seeing of Jupiter’s Great Red Spot, a gigantic storm that has existed for hundreds of years.  This ironically brief perpetual motion romp is based on chaotic fragments and swirling ostinatos (or repeated patterns). Volatile, bubbling textures are contrasted with bombastic tuttis to reflect a child-like vision of the storm.  The work was written for the 2010 Seasons Music Festival in Yakima, WA, where it was premiered in October 2010.

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