Still I Rise! (2015)

Instrumentation: Orchestra (||timp+2|pno|hp|strings) * Also available for Large Orchestra (||timp+3|pno|hp|strings) Duration: 10:00 Availability: Score/parts available for rental.  Contact the composer for more information.


Contact me for a perusal recording.  Excerpt coming soon!

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Still I Rise! is named after Maya Angelou’s eponymous poem.  Her words express a profound sentiment of perseverance: they reflect not only surviving hardships, but coming out of them with one’s spirit in tact.  The narrator’s sassiness, quirky humor, and energy are manifested in the music’s grooves, flirty lines, and vibrant colors.  Angelou’s theme of endurance is expressed as the main motive, or “protagonist,” travels through periods of confidence, adversity, manic excitement, questioning, and catharsis.  Even when the identity of the main motive is almost obliterated by the heavy, static chords of the climax, it emerges to close the piece with a wink and a flourish —always rising again.

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