Tar on Wood (2008)


Instrumentation: Cello and Percussion
Duration: 10:00
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Written for Katie Kennedy and Bill Solomon

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The title of this work, Tar on Wood, comes from a piece of art that once hung above the couch in my apartment. The work quite literally is a large rectangle of wood that can be hung vertically or horizontally, on which tar has been brushed on in large strokes evoking Asian calligraphy. Its abstract expressiveness is captivating and always changing based on where you choose to focus.

In this music, I have tried to capture the relationship between the wood grain and the tar found in the artwork. Either could be viewed as focus or background depending on one’s mood, yet both are essential for the expression of the piece. The interactions between the cello and percussion mirror that symbiosis.

The first of the two movements features the cello, while the second focuses on the percussion.  Both movements can be performed in their duet forms, and each movement can also be played as a solo for the featured instrument.

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