Foundling (2018)


Instrumentation: vocal soloist with ensemble
Duration: 9:00-11:00
Text by: Jessica Rudman
Availability: Downloadable PDF

Please purchase the number of copies necessary for your ensemble. Minimum 5 copies.




Foundling started as an experiment in which I list all of the things I normally do in a piece of music and then purposefully avoided them. The work is written for a speaking, singing soloist accompanied by a flexible ensemble of musicians who vocalize and play small percussion instruments. The text is a found poem in the sense that I selected 1-3 words from a variety of poems and then alphabetized them to create the text. The music is an exploration of vocal and percussive color inspired by the sound and meaning of the words. The title Foundling is both one of the words in the text and a reflection of the process I undertook in creating work.

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