Times of Speaking and Silence (2006)


Instrumentation: Violin, Cello, and Piano
Duration: 6:30
Availability: Downloadable PDFs (Score & Individual Parts)

Written for the 2016 Ernest Bloch Music Festival

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The title, Times of Speaking and Silence, derives from the form of the piece. Though there are few instances where silence is heard, each individual player has sections where he/she is either performing a solo, acting as part of a tutti, or resting while another performer has a solo.

The title also makes reference to a verse from Ecclesiastes, which elaborates on the idea that every action has its own time or season. There are times when one should speak out and times when one should keep silent. However, the verse does not tell the reader which of those situations is appropriate at any given instance. It is up to each person to decide on his/her own whether now is a time of speaking or a time of silence.

Times of Speaking and Silence was written for the Ernest Bloch Music Festival in Newport, OR, where it was premiered in July 2006.

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