Neither Created Nor Destroyed (2022)

Instrumentation: 2 sopranos, flute/alto flute, cello, and electric guitar
Duration: 25:00
Text by: Kendra Preston Leonard
Availability: Contact me for performance materials and licensing info

Written for ENA Ensemble


Rudman_Neither Created 2022-12-26_00_Transposed Score

Neither Created nor Destroyed is a chamber opera about the birth and death of stars, told in the style of the BBC television series Call the Midwife. The use of voice-over, the text, and the references to the television show’s score in the opening and closing music all pay homage to the tv series. The story is set in a stellar nursery where Alya, a celestial dust cloud, is helping stars form. Vela, also a dust cloud, arrives at the nursery and makes a startling revelation to Alya: Vela is at the end of her long life and wants to donate her matter to one of the developing proto-stars!

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